ManagingaFoundationFinal_RGB_400Assisting private foundations is the only thing we do.

Whether you’re establishing a new foundation or have had one for years, your philanthropy can be more efficient and rewarding when you have a team of experts backing you up.

Foundation Source is the nation’s largest provider of support services for managing private foundations. Our professionals serve as your foundation’s virtual staff. We provide everything: from the basic support all foundations need to highly customized solutions for complex grantmaking initiatives. Services include foundation administration, online tools, and expert guidance.

The result: a better-run and more effective foundation. We take particular pride in our 98% client satisfaction rating year after year.


With Foundation Source you get:

Integrated Support Under One Roof: Getting all of your foundation’s needs met in one place is more than convenient—it’s smart! Instead of coordinating the efforts of multiple advisors yourself (some of whom may lack the specific expertise required for foundation operations), you get a team of foundation specialists from one source, Foundation Source.

An End to Busywork: We handle all of your foundation’s transactions (and keep meticulous records). We prepare and file all your foundation tax returns, and take care of the financial and regulatory reporting.

Experts on Call, Not on Payroll: Because our tax, legal, administrative, and philanthropic experts serve as your virtual staff, you get their top-flight support for a fraction of the cost of bringing comparable staffing in-house.

Compliance Monitoring by Top Professionals: Running a foundation without running afoul of the IRS requires a thorough understanding of complex IRS rules and regulations. Should we spot potential compliance issues with your foundation’s activities, we alert you and help you make informed decisions about how best to move forward.

Verify grantee’s 501(c)(3) public charity status

  • Provide USA PATRIOT Act due diligence
  • Identify supporting organizations
  • Monitor “Advance Ruling” expirations
  • Monitor grants and expenses to help prevent:
    • Self-dealing
    • Jeopardizing investments
    • Taxable expenditures
    • Excess business holdings, etc.
  • Monitor affiliations with other nonprofits
  • Track substantial contributors

A Technology Platform Built Exclusively for Private Foundations: Connect with your foundation anytime, anywhere, by logging into the secure, web-based console provided by Foundation Source. Developed specifically for the needs of private foundations, it simplifies foundation control, communication, and collaboration.

A Full Range of Philanthropic Options: We’ve streamlined traditionally complex processes, making it easier for your foundation to:

Grant directly to individuals for disaster relief and hardship assistance

  • Make program-related investments, loans, and equity investments
  • Award scholarships
  • Grant internationally
  • Run charitable programs

An Instant Network of Foundation Peers: As a Foundation Source client, you become part of a community of over 1,200 private foundations. You’ll gain access to virtual and in-person events where you can share experiences and best practices, meet with experts and sector leaders, and connect with peers who share your interests and goals.


Streamlined and automated foundation operations.

Efficient, worry-free foundation administration is the key to a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Our professional staff handle the details that keep your foundation running smoothly, so you can focus on your philanthropic goals.

We assist more than 1,200 private foundations, taking care of:

  • Foundation administration
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Transaction processing
  • Tax preparation and filings
  • Recordkeeping
  • Financial and regulatory reporting

If you already have a foundation, we’ll transition you to Foundation Source’s automated platform quickly and efficiently. If you’ve decided to start a foundation, we can have you up and running in less than a week.

Expert Guidance: Tell us your vision, and we’ll help you get it done.

With Foundation Source, you gain ready access to a team of private foundation experts, without adding employees or building unnecessary infrastructure.

These world-class specialists who have in-depth knowledge covering all aspects of private foundations, from  tax and legal to accounting and philanthropy. Their mission is to help you achieve the greatest impact on the issues you care about.

Services include:

  • Private Client Advisors
  • Philanthropic Directors
  • Advanced Grantmaking
  • Information & Education

User-friendly, state-of-the-art, web-based platform simplifies foundation management.

Connect with your foundation anytime, anywhere, from any Internet-connected device. Simply log into the secure, online console provided by Foundation Source. Developed specifically for the needs of private foundations, it simplifies foundation control, communication, and collaboration in a way never before possible. Designated foundation members get instant access and total transparency into foundation activities. Features Include:

  • Charity research
  • 5% distribution tracking
  • Automated granting
  • Grants management
  • Transaction processing
  • Online reporting
  • Document archiving

We’ll work with you to customize the viewing rights and granting authority for each person given online access, so you can control what they see and what they can do when logged in.

Managing Change

We help you navigate the inevitable transitions that come your way.

Just like the individuals and families who establish them, private foundations have life cycles, too. And since nearly 90% of foundations are intended to exist in perpetuity, they typically undergo a multitude of transitions over their extended lifespan, including:

  • Geographic dispersion of family members
  • A change in leadership
  • Family growth
  • Retirement of a trusted family advisor or key staff member
  • Generational succession
  • Sudden growth of foundation assets

No matter what turning point you encounter, Foundation Source has the resources and experience to help you through it. And because we adapt our services to fit your evolving needs, we’re a constant, steadying presence that can help your foundation maintain its efficacy throughout its lifecycle.