Philanthropists are the first people who want to take action when disasters strike.

When a crisis is occurring, and there is an urgent need to provide support abroad (e.g., Australian wildfires), consider working with a US-based intermediary that has a fund designed for global emergencies or that can process distributions to pre-vetted organizations abroad. Consider these two options:

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP)

CDP has prepared a Disaster Profile on Australia that provides a helpful overview of the conditions.  They also operate the CDP Global Recovery Fund where contributions can be designated for Australia. Meanwhile, CDP’s Disaster Recovery Fund supports disasters in the U.S. Here is their Disaster Profile for Puerto Rico.

CAF America

CAF conducts due diligence on non-US based organizations and makes it possible for US private foundations to make distributions to those pre-vetted organizations. Information on CAF and their fees is available on their website.