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Succession Happens

Mary Galeti shares how her family’s foundation became a tool for legacy and personal discovery after the deaths of the Tecovas Foundation’s founder and two family trustees. She provides a millennial lens to tackling issues that many next-generation successors of family foundations will ultimately face: finding one’s voice as a leader, navigating family dynamics, and uniting multi-generational members in shared purpose.

About Mary Galeti:

Mary serves as the Executive Director and Vice-Chair of the Tecovas Foundation. The Tecovas Foundation funds social innovation and entrepreneurship by focusing on building community, leveraging new service models, and sustainable economic development both domestically and internationally. The Foundation includes impact investing and program related investment in their work.

Mary serves as a global board member of the Global Shapers Foundation, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. She is the Vice-Chair of the StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellowship program. She served on the Board of Directors of the Council on Foundations and chaired the Family Philanthropy Committee. She has spoken on the issues of generational transition and leadership cultivation in the philanthropy and the nonprofit space at many venues, including the White House, the Council on Foundations, the Smithsonian, and The Nexus Global Use Summit at the United Nations.