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My Father’s Shadow

A parent’s success, fame, and achievement can be a complicated legacy for the next generation. Author Christina Lewis Halpern lost her father, Reginald F. Lewis, the famed entrepreneur and, at the time of his death, the richest black man in America. In this conversation, Christina shares her struggles and ultimate triumphs, as well as how philanthropy helped her forge a powerful identity of her own.

How to Raise Compassionate Kids

Susan Crites Price, family philanthropy expert and author of Generous Genes: Raising Caring Kids in a Digital Age explains how parents, […]

Succession Happens

Mary Galeti shares how her family’s foundation became a tool for legacy and personal discovery after the deaths of the […]

When Business Meets Purpose

Pioneering entrepreneur Peter Thum is a leader in creating businesses that do good while doing well. As the founder of […]